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About Us

Dr. Moore

I’m Dr. Milton D. Moore, dermatologist and pharmacist, developer of the Moore Unique Skin Care line.

You will soon discover how unique and effective my products are, for all women and men. They are designed for the general population and all ethnic groups. After research and testing these products within my practice, a line of products were developed for Acne, Razor Burn & Bumps, Hair Loss in women, skin discoloration and Sensitive Skin. The success rate of these products is phenomenal in just a few days!

We are so confident that you will love these products; they all come with a unconditional money back guarantee. Now within our website, we have provided videos, testimonials, and related links for your review. If you still have unanswered questions or concerns. Just ask me directly (, I have provided this link for your convenience.

You'll be glad you tried our products and we encourage you to tell your friends where to go to get help also!

Get the Unique difference that works!


Dermatologist Dr. Milton D. Moore


Brad Scarface Jordan (recording artist)

I started getting a lot of acne and razor bumps on my face. I talked to a barber friend of mine and he told me to come see Dr. Moore, so I go online to look up Dr. Moore and schedule my appointment. My appointment was scheduled for a month out. Dr. Moore’s staff squeezed me in within 3 weeks. Everything was gone.He is a great doctor and a friend of mine. He did what Pro Active couldn't do. There is a difference between going to someone who does different ethnic skins. A big difference. Pro Active is good but Dr.Moore is better.