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Hydroglide Formula 2 Shave Solutions 4.0oz

Quick Overview

Hydroglide Ascend Shave Gel and Skin Enhancer aids in hair removal by providing you a close and smooth shave.  It contains Vervain, which acts as a soothing, energizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agent to aid sensitive skin when shaving.  This product is great for people who suffer from razor burn, razor rash, unsightly bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitus barbae or PFB) and ingrown hairs. This product is also perfect for persons in the military who suffer from PFB and must obtain waivers in order to reduce the frequency in which they must shave, if at all. 

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Conditions Addressed:

  • Dry skin
  • Razor rash,
  • Razor burn
  • Razor bumps
  • Irritated Skin


  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Close, nick-free shave
  • Smooth shave
  • Anti–aging Vervain


Additional Information

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Brad Scarface Jordan (recording artist)

I started getting a lot of acne and razor bumps on my face. I talked to a barber friend of mine and he told me to come see Dr. Moore, so I go online to look up Dr. Moore and schedule my appointment. My appointment was scheduled for a month out. Dr. Moore’s staff squeezed me in within 3 weeks. Everything was gone.He is a great doctor and a friend of mine. He did what Pro Active couldn't do. There is a difference between going to someone who does different ethnic skins. A big difference. Pro Active is good but Dr.Moore is better.