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Shaver's Wash

Clear Skin Acne Wash (Subscription)

$ 8.50 $ every 2 months

Clear skin acne wash exfoliates dead skin cells, cleans pores, reduces oil, prevents irritation, prevents pimples and clears acne on the face and body.

This is different from any other facial cleanser in that it is gentle and therefore less irritating when treating acne-prone skin.

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Hydroglide Ascend (Subscription)

$ 11.05 $ every 2 months

Hydroglide Ascend Shave Gel and Skin Enhancer aids in hair removal by providing you a close and smooth shave. It contains Vervain, which acts as a soothing, energizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agent to aid sensitive skin when shaving.

Hydroglide Revitalizing Body Lotion

Hydroglide Revitalizing Body Lotion (Subscription)

$ 42.49 $ every 2 months

This revitalizing body lotion is for those that suffer from the effects of eczema, including skin that is dry, itchy, irritated, red and scaly. In addition, the lotion is great for individuals who enjoy being outdoors engaging in activities such as swimming, sun bathing, cycling, and running, which can leave skin dry and irritated. It also has strong anti-aging properties.

Neuvo-E Beard and Mustache Grooming Serum

Neuvo-E Beard Grooming Serum (Subscription)

$ 21.25 $ every 2 months

Nuevo-E Beard Grooming Serum “New” 1.0 oz

This innovative lightweight and non-greasy grooming oil treats the underlying skin, leaving your skin moisturized with a very nice fragrance.

Razor Rash Relief Cream (Subscription)

$ 10.20 $ every 2 months

This fantastic product aids in the prevention of razor burn, razor rash, unsightly bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitus barbae or PFB) and ingrown hairs. It is great for shavers with sensitive skin as well as those with coarse, wiry hair.

Single Order

Silky Hydroglide (Subscription)

$ 10.20 $ every 2 months

This incredible product serves as a shaving gel that also lubricates, moisturizes, and treats dry, irritated skin. It is an innovative product that aids in hair removal by providing a close and smooth shave.

Ultimate Shaving SolutionUltimate Shaving Solution

Ultimate Shaving Solution (Subscription)

$ 56.95 $ every 2 months

Moore Unique’s Ultimate Shaving Solution Package includes: 1. Hydroglide Ascend Shave Gel & Skin Enhancer, 2. Clear Skin Shavers Wash, 3. Toner Cream, 4. Razor Rash Refilef Cream, and the 5. Razor Bump Tool.

This revolutionary five-step shaving system delivers a clean, close shave while preventing and eliminating razor rash, burn and bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitus Barbae).

Unique Acne Package (Subscription)

$ 24.64 $ every 2 months

There are many products out there that promise clear skin, even skin tone and acne-free skin. This unique two-step regimen stops acne in its tracks, prevents future breakouts and reduces blemishes for a smooth, clear complexion. It also moisturizes the skin without having to worry about more breakouts.